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Many of the Talk . . . classroom activities feature photocopiable worksheets.

To access the actual activities, first click on the language you want on the toolbar on the left then, once that page has downloaded, the toolbar will change and you can click on the relevant unit. Each activity starts with instructions for use and any worksheets supplied are listed in green hypertext under the heading Materials. You can choose whether to download using Adobe® Acrobat® Reader software or to print directly from a web page.

If you know that you are going to use all the Talk . . . worksheets for your language you'll find it quicker to download them all at once. Click here.  However, if you intend to use a few selected activities you may find it simpler to download each accompanying worksheet individually. Please take time to read our terms and conditions for use of these worksheets.

Instructions for downloading Worksheets using Adobe Acrobat Reader software

Look for Adobe.gif (224 bytes) in the Materials box for the activity.

Click on it and you'll download the relevant worksheet - each one will take a few seconds.

Once you've downloaded the files you can then open and print them off-line.

If Acrobat Reader isn't already installed on your computer, click on getacro.gif (712 bytes). This will take you straight to the Adobe web page and you will find simple instructions on how to download the correct version of the software - free - from the web. You'll need to know whether you are using which version of Windows you are using.

Downloading and installing Acrobat Reader will take a little time and effort but the benefit is that the worksheets will print and photocopy beautifully and the artwork will look crisp. If you've ever tried to print web pages with pictures you'll appreciate the difference.

After installing Adobe Acrobat Reader you'll need to restart your browser if you want to access future pages online, so don't forget to bookmark this page.

If Adobe Acrobat Reader is already installed on your computer, the pages will open automatically as they download. You'll still need to save these files to your hard drive (or a floppy disk) by choosing File: Save as from the Adobe Acrobat Reader   menu.

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Instructions for printing Worksheets direct from the web page

If you don't want to download the Adobe software, click on the green hypertext link in the Materials box for each activity and simply print the page that you see in your browser window.

For best results set your browser File: Page setup options so that the contents of one web page fit onto a sheet of A4. Due to the limitations of the World Wide Web, the images won't be crisp but the worksheets should still be useable.

Talk French downloads

Talk German downloads

Talk Greek downloads

Talk Italian downloads

Talk Japanese downloads

Talk Portuguese downloads

Talk Russian downloads

Talk Spanish downloads

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