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Where to buy Talk:

All of the BBC Active Talk products are available from all good bookshops.  The books cost 6.99 each and the book and CD packs cost 14.99 each.  Alternatively you can purchase them in any of the following ways:

  • Online from  Postage is free on all standard deliveries in Europe.
  • By telephone from our customer services department on 0870 607 3777.  Postage and packing charges will apply.
  • By fax to 0870 850 5255.  Postage and packing charges will apply.
  • By email to  Postage and packing charges will apply.

Talk is available in ten languages: French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Greek, Japanese, Russian, Arabic and Mandarin Chinese.  The course is made up of a 128 page book (144 in the case of Arabic) and two CDs.  You can either buy the books on their own or in a pack containing the book and two audio CDs.  For best results it is recommended that both the book and audio elements are used.


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