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It provides an achieveable goal for the student

Clean layout
Clear, step-by-step presentation of new language
Ten topic-based units - what the student needs to know to get by
Relevant activities, involvement and interaction at every stage of the learning process
Useful hints on language learning
Complete glossary, grammar summary, transcripts of the recordings and answers to exercises

It's easy for you to use

The course is achievable within one term
Three progress checkpoints for revision and assessment
Photocopiable worksheets available to download for free
No lengthy English introductions to activities on cassette or CD
Listening activities are grouped together - no rewinding the cassette or jumping back and forth on the CD
Site licences are available

Created by the BBC

Guarantee of editorial quality
Authors have years of teaching experience
Native speaking actors used in audio recording
Filmed on location, television series and self access online activities for Talk French, Talk Spanish, Talk German and Talk Portuguese.

What your colleagues have said

"Both work colleagues and students have found the book very easy to use. Students in particular like the layout and find the grammar explanations and exercises straight forward and easy to follow. The College have ordered the whole series for our new language lab!"

.". . . the course is fantastic, the children at school love the worksheets. Thanks for all the great resources"

". . a great and very helpful site full of good ideas! Thank you!"

"I have tried out your website and found it extremely helpful, that is why I wish to buy the book and tapes. I teach Spanish on an evening, at Stockton and Billingham College and I am in the process of getting them to apply for a site licence."


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