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Practising high numbers.


Dice, one per group of four.

1 In groups of four, learners use dice to practise random four figure numbers, building numbers according to the throw of the die. e.g.

A throws a 3 and says tres
B throws a 6 and says treinta y seis
C throws a 5 and says trescientos sesenta y cinco
D throws a 2 and says tres mil seiscientos cincuenta y dos

2 D starts the next round.



Asking and understanding prices in euro, and learning food vocabulary.

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Set of picture cards.

1 Use the cards as flash cards to revise vocabulary.

2 Set a time limit and ask learners individually or in pairs to complete the shopping list on page 64, activity 3.

3 Give everybody a different picture card (with classes of 15+, you'll need to duplicate).

4 Learners circulate, asking each other the price of one item at a time, e.g. ¿Cuánto cuesta el queso? Only the person holding the cheese will be able to supply the answer, others need to answer (lo siento) no sé.

5 The aim is to price all the items on the shopping list, to add up the total cost and provide the answer in Spanish.

The shopping list in Spanish complete with correct prices could be used as portfolio evidence.



Producing the language needed for shopping and getting used to hearing phrases likely to be heard in shops.

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2 sets role play cards A and B.

1 Divide learners into pairs and give A and B role play cards, making sure each reads only his/her part of the conversation.

2 After a few minutes preparation, learners play their roles, with A starting the conversation.

3 Give out the second role play, this time the other partner is the 'shopkeeper'.

If the role play is observed and assessed, the cue card could be signed and used as portfolio evidence of competence for the 'customer'.


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