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Asking for and understanding simple directions.

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Set of 6 maps: A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3.

1 Teach the following new vocabulary or amend the maps accordingly:

tennis court; factory; baker's; castle; campsite.

2 Give each learner a set of three maps - set A and set B. In pairs, they take turns in asking where the places indicated are and note their location on their map from their partner's reply.

3 At the end of the activity maps are compared - they should be identical.

These can be retained as portfolio evidence.



Using the language of units 5 and 6 to talk about places in an open-ended way, giving learners a choice in what they say.



1 Prepare by presenting matrices of possible sentence structures used to talk about a town.

(no) hay una farmacia
dos restaurantes
en el centro
enfrente de la estación
al final de la calle Highgate
el cine
la piscina
las tiendas
(no) está
en las afueras

2 Ask learners, working in groups of two, three or four, to imagine they're talking to someone from Spain about their home town / village. Give them a fixed time (10-15 minutes) to come up with as many simple statements as they can, e.g.

  • No hay una piscina.
  • Hay varios supermercados.
  • El banco abre a las nueve.
  • Hay un restaurante italiano en High Street.
  • La comisaría está al lado del ayuntamiento.

An element of competition enhances this activity.

3 At the end of the time allowed, each group reads out one of their statements in turn until all the prepared statements are exhausted. The activity can be further consolidated and / or extended by asking questions to the group as a whole, e.g.

¿Hay un restaurante francés?
¿El supermercado abre a las nueve de la tarde?


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