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This is an appropriate point to review and/or assess progress and the activities on pages 67 to 70 are designed for this purpose. For additional revision/assessment activities, click on Assessment. (Tamsen

In addition, the following activities could be used for extension work.

Ask learners to copy two blank forms as in activity 7 and to use the conversation as a model to 'interview' two people and note their answers.

The description in activity 13 could be a model for learners to write about a place they know.

To practise food vocabulary, with learners sitting in a circle, one person starts by saying Póngame and an item of his/her choice, e.g. un kilo de manzanas. Working clockwise, the next person repeats this and adds an item Póngame un kilo de manzanas y medio kilo de melocotones. This continues round the group with everyone adding an item for as long as possible, the quicker the better. A very large class can be divided into smaller groups. (This activity is also useful for revising vocabulary relating to ordering drinks in a café and food in a restaurant.)

The following are examples of situations used either as tutor-learner role plays, learner-learner role plays or as information gap activities with information supplied to one partner.

1 You've just arrived in an Spanish resort and need some local information:

  • whether there's a supermarket nearby
  • if there's a swimming pool
  • where the tourist office is

2 You go to the local shop to buy:

  • suitable quantities of milk, bread, fruit, wine for a family
  • postcards and stamps
  • suntan lotion


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