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Practice of language needed to choose suitable hotel accommodation.

Worksheet in Acrobat Reader format (183 bytes)

3 requirements cards.
3 hotel information cards.

1 Divide the class in groups of six, give hotel information cards to three
(A, B, C) and requirements cards to the other three. Explain that they will be working in twos within the group, with A, B and C each speaking to the other three individually.

2 A, B and C ask the relevant questions, e.g. Il y a une piscine? C'est loin de la plage?, make a note of what the hôteliers tell them and finally decide which hotel is the most suitable.

3 When this has been decided, A, B and C conduct a role play with the appropriate hôtelier to make the booking as detailed on the card.

4 Roles are then reversed with A, B and C taking the roles of hôteliers.

The notes made together with the cue card can be used as portfolio evidence.

This activity can be adapted for larger groups by writing more information cards.



Practice in expressing and understanding dates while making a hotel booking. Using the French alphabet in response to Vous pouvez épeler? Revision of exchanging names.

Worksheet in Acrobat Reader format (183 bytes)

Blank French calendars + copy for OHP.
Individual name cards.


For each of your learners, write out a card with an imaginary or famous French name on it and a date written in figures. You need to use a variety of dates spread through the year, e.g. 23/1 or 13-16/5.

1 The aim is for everyone to enter under the correct month on their calendar the names of all the others, together with the precise dates on which they want to book rooms. They will need to ask people's names and how to spell them.

2 Give everyone a calendar and a name card and ask them to circulate telling each other the date/s they would like to book a room for
(je voudrais une chambre pour le . . .  / du . . .  au. . . ) and to give and spell their names when asked. Remind them to use greetings, thank you and to ask for repetition, etc. in French.

3 At the end of the activity, you can consolidate by putting a blank calendar on the OHP and asking questions to fill it in, e.g.

Il y a une réservation en janvier? A quel nom? Vous pouvez épeler?

The completed calendars can be used for portfolio evidence.



Consolidating the language needed to book a hotel room. Gaining confidence in manipulating language and forming complex sentences.



1 In groups of four or five, one person starts by saying 'je voudrais (réserver) une/deux chambre/s' and each of the others in the group in turn has to repeat this and add information to it.

  • je voudrais une chambre
  • je voudrais une chambre avec salle de bains
  • je voudrais une chambre avec salle de bains pour une personne
  • je voudrais une chambre avec salle de bains pour une personne pour une semaine
  • je voudrais une chambre avec salle de bains pour une personne pour une semaine du sept au quatorze juin.

2 The last person then starts another round. There is a surprising number of combinations which can be made from the language taught in the unit.

3 To consolidate, you could ask everyone to write out a complete sentence with details of a real or fantasy booking.


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