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'Asking for help to understand' is not practised separately - learners should be encouraged to ask in French for repetition or for a partner to speak slowly in all the activities in this and future units.




Asking for, and understanding, simple directions.

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Set of 6 maps: A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3.

1 Give each learner a set of three maps - A has maps A1, A2 , A3 and B has B1, B2 and B3. In pairs, they take turns in asking where the places indicated are and note their location on their map from their partner's reply.

2 At the end of the activity maps are compared - they should be identical. These can be retained as portfolio evidence of competence.



Open ended practice of the language from units 5 and 6 to talk about places, ensuring transferability and relevance of language.



1 Prepare by presenting matrices of possible simple sentence structures used to talk about a town, e.g.

il (n') y a un
(pas de)
club de tennis
en ville
près de la gare


le garage Renault
le parking
la banque
les magasins
(n'/ne) est
(pas) en face du cinéma
près de la piscine

2 Ask learners, working in groups of two, three or four, to imagine they're talking to someone from France about their home town / village. Give them a fixed time (10-15 minutes) to prepare as many simple statements as they can, e.g.

  • il y a un marché
  • il n'y a pas de piscine
  • il y a trois supermarchés
  • l'office de tourisme n'est pas près de l'église
  • le commissariat est en face de la mairie.

An element of competition enhances this activity.

3 At the end of the time allowed, each group reads out one of their statements in turn until all the prepared statements are exhausted. You can then consolidate or extend the activity further by asking questions to the group as a whole, e.g.

Il y a un restaurant chinois? 


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