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FAQs on BBC Active languages




How do I know which BBC Active language product is right for me?

We have two simple ways to help you choose the right product for you:


1. select your chosen language from the home page, and then browse within that language, referring to the product summaries to help you determine which one suits you best; or

2. select your language and your area of interest, whereupon you will be presented with a list of suitable products. 

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How can I obtain a catalogue of BBC Active language products?

For a catalogue, or more information about BBC Active language products, please email: BBCActive.languages.admin@pearson.com, or download our latest catalogue from here.

If you are a language teacher or tutor, you can download a PDF of the latest teachers' catalogue here.

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Where can I buy BBC Active language titles?

You can buy all BBC Active language titles through this website, or from all good bookshops.

There are a few exceptions:
French and Spanish At Your Fingertips are sold on a per-licence basis to institutions only. For more information on the At Your Fingertips programs, email: BBCActive.languages.admin@pearson.com.

The GCSE Bitesize site licences and Primary French is Fun products, mentioned in the teachers’ section, are also for sale exclusively to educational establishments, and can be bought from the Pearson Schools and Colleges website.

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I'm a language teacher and I am interested in joining the BBC Active Language Teachers’ Club. How do I join?

Join our Teachers’ Club for free monthly updates on all the news from the world of languages, including online resources, news on the latest publishing and special offers from BBC Active, advance BBC Learning Zone schedules and much more besides! You also have the chance to have your say - and feed back your thoughts on our courses. You will receive no more than one email a month.

To join, you can go to Teachers' Club, or email: BBCActive.languages.admin@pearson.com.

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I'm a member of the BBC Active Language Teachers' Club, but my details have changed. How can I update them?

To update your details, please email: BBCActive.languages.admin@pearson.com.

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Where can I get a copy of the BBC TWO Learning Zone television guide?

Up-to-date information on BBC TWO Learning Zone television programmes and schedules can be found at: www.bbc.co.uk/learningzone.

If you are a language teacher, you can join the Teachers’ Club to receive a newsletter including the advance Learning Zone schedule.

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I'm looking for the BBC's free online activities for language learners. Where can I find them?

To find free online activities to accompany our major courses, visit the BBC's public service languages website at: www.bbc.co.uk/languages.

You'll also find lots of other useful information, whichever language you want to speak.

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Do I need to hand any work in for assessment?

No. The courses are designed so you can study on your own at your own pace without any deadlines. You can assess yourself using the activities in the courses, but there will be no examinations.

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How long do the courses take to complete?

Depending on which course you choose and how much time you have, the courses can be completed in anything from a couple of weeks to a few months. Check out the product summaries to find out whether you would prefer a shorter introduction to the basics, or a more in-depth, longer course.

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Will I receive accreditation?

No. We do not offer any formal examinations or accreditation. Our courses will help you to prepare for a formal qualification, but we do not offer any examinations or accreditation ourselves.

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Can anyone use the courses?

Yes. There are beginners and intermediate courses to choose from, and a variety of resources including books, CDs and CD-ROMs so that you can choose to learn in the way that suits you.

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