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BBC Active Italian courses and resources


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Book & CD Pack


Price £39.99 ISBN: 9780563519089
  • An enjoyable introduction to the delights and language of Italy
  • Thousands have found success with Italianissimo's engaging, multimedia approach
  • Accompanying BBC TV series and online activities
Product Details
Contents: 1 Book, 288 Pages; 4 Audio CDs, 300 Minutes
ISBN: 9780563519089 Published: July 2004 Author: Denise De Rome, Marie-Thérèse Bougard

The ideal introduction to everyday Italian for beginners, Italianissimo will help you develop your listening, reading, writing and speaking skills whether you are learning at home or in a class.


With an emphasis on enjoying Italy and all it has to offer in terms of art, architecture, food and everyday culture, you will learn all the language you need to make the most of your time abroad.


Its unique twin-track approach allows you to decide how you want to learn. Choose either the quicker route, concentrating on communication, or the more detailed route if you wish to understand the language and grammar in more depth. Italianissimo can help you reach the equivalent level of a first qualification, such as GCSE.

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Sample pages 159-160
Sample pages 165-6
The BBC's Italianissimo is far more comprehensive, intellectually richer and less fixated on narrow 'holiday' Italian. Italia Magazine
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