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Talk German Grammar

Price £7.99 ISBN: 9781406679144
  • Master the key structures of French with clear, jargon-free explanations and examples.
  • Practise what you’ve learnt with engaging activities and quizzes.
  • Boost your vocabulary with simple word conversion strategies.
Product Details
Contents: 1 Book, 144 Pages
ISBN: 9781406679144 Published: September 2014 Author: Sue Purcell and Heiner Schenke

Talk German Grammar is your essential handbook for learning German either at home or in a class.

Using the tried-and-tested principles of the successful Talk method, it demystifies grammar and guides you through all the key structures of German in a way that’s very easy to follow, even if you have no experience at all of grammar and grammatical terminology.
With its straightforward approach and clear, attractive layout Talk German Grammar promotes a real understanding of how German works and how it relates to English. Its clear explanations, hundreds of useful examples and valuable learning tips and strategies help you really get to grips with the language - and interesting practice activities reinforce the language patterns, helping you remember what you’ve learnt.
Talk German Grammar is the perfect companion to Talk German and Talk German 2 and can be used successfully alongside any French learning materials.
  • Master the key structures of German with clear, jargon-free explanations and examples. 
  • Practise what you’ve learnt with engaging activities and quizzes.
  • Boost your vocabulary with simple word conversion strategies.
Also available for French, Italian and Spanish
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Although a variety of grammar books exist on the market, they are all very similar and are written in the same format. Here is one with a difference: Talk Grammar is particularly compact and easy to use and it emphasises the importance of grammar to communicate effectively. Grammatical rules are clearly explained, in a language that our pupils cannot fail to understand; and the sentences used as examples are relevant and contemporary. The chapters are laid out in a familiar fashion, but it is uncomplicated to navigate through them and the presentation is attractive. There are some challenging consolidation exercises (called ‘checkpoints’) at the end of each chapter and the authors do everything to simplify grammar, for instance by pointing out cognates and false friends or by introducing rules that are easy to remember. The verb tables at the back are essential and there are plenty of opportunities for pupils to boost their vocabulary. At last I have found a grammar book that I know that my pupils will bring to every lesson and consult throughout their A-level language studies. Melvyn Bardou, Head of Languages, Mill Hill School
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