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Talk French Grammar

Price £7.99 ISBN: 9781406652345
  • Demystify grammar with this easy-to-follow approach
  • Clear explanations, tips and activities
  • Can be used with any French course
Product Details
Contents: 1 Book, 272 Pages
ISBN: 9781406652345 Published: July 2009 Author: Sue Purcell

Talk French Grammar is the ideal handbook for anyone setting out to learn French, at home or in a class.


With its straightforward approach and attractive layout, Talk French Grammar promotes a real understanding of how French works and how it relates to English. It contains clear explanations, hundreds of useful examples, learning tips and strategies, and interesting practice activities to reinforce the language patterns and help you remember them.


With Talk French Grammar you can:

  • master the key principles of French with clear, jargon-free explanations and examples
  • practise what you’ve learnt with engaging activities and quizzes
  • boost your vocabulary with simple conversion strategies.


Talk French Grammar can be used successfully alongside any learning materials, and is also the perfect companion for the bestselling Talk French and Talk French 2.

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The new Talk French Grammar book offers learners jargon-free explanations to help you understand the structure of the French language and includes practical activities to reinforce the points covered in each chapter. France Magazine
The book takes you through the key structure of French in a way that's very easy to follow. It's clearly designed and has 'checkpoint' exercises so you can check that you have fully understood each chapter. I wish my old school textbooks had been more like this. Destination France, Winter 2009
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