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DVD Activity Pack

French is Fun! With Serge, the Cheeky Monkey!

Price £24.98 ISBN: 9780563520061
  • A brilliant and beloved introduction to French for children
  • Lively and fun, with songs, animations and activities
  • Covers core topics, such as colours, animals and sport
  • Includes parents’ guide
Product Details
Contents: 1 Book, 40 Pages; 1 Audio CD, 80 Minutes; 1 DVD Disc, 150 Minutes
ISBN: 9780563520061 Published: January 2006 Author: Sue Finnie

An entertaining and effective introduction to French for children aged 5–10 years old.


Based around the animated characters of Serge, a lovable but cheeky monkey, and his clever friend Pascale the parrot, this fun-filled language pack will get children used to hearing and speaking French. Topics covered include: greetings, colours, animals, likes & dislikes, food & drink, sports.


The pack contains: a DVD featuring ten TV programmes with interactive games; an audio CD full of songs and stories about the characters; an activity book bursting with activities, puzzles and games: song sheets to help you sing along to the DVD and audio CD; colourful picture cards presenting key vocabulary; and a parents' guide, to help your children get the most out of learning French.

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Book pp.8-9
Book pp.10-1
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