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By Interest

Talk French

Price £19.99 ISBN: 9780563520054
  • A great way to bring the language to life
  • Based on the BBC TWO TV series
  • Features interactive activities, language summaries and bilingual subtitles
Product Details
Contents: 1 DVD Disc, 90 Minutes
ISBN: 9780563520054 Published: March 2006 Author:

Based on the classic six-part BBC TWO television series, these entertaining and informative programmes can be used either alone or as part of the highly successful BBC Active short course Talk French.


Filmed on location in France, the Talk French programmes assume no prior knowledge of the language, and feature authentic dialogues between native speakers, plus clear and concise on-screen language tips. Offering an invaluable insight into the sights, sounds and culture you’ll encounter during your trip, they’ll bring the language to life before your eyes!


Talk French DVD gives you:

  • interactive activities that allow you to check your progress at every stage
  • bilingual subtitles that provide on-screen support at the touch of a button
  • language summaries that enable you to listen to and practise key phrases.
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