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At Your Fingertips

Make the most of your contact time by using French and Spanish At Your Fingertips for supported self-study or as an interactive classroom resource.

Available as a networkable CD-ROM in French and Spanish at Basic and Intermediate levels. Only available for sale to institutions.


French and Spanish At Your Fingertips are perfect for networking onto your intranet or for uploading to your VLE, so that you can give your students round-the-clock support.


They are totally flexible and non-linear, so can be used both as a supportive self-study resource in between classes and as well as the core part of your lesson plan, no matter how long or short your course.


Across the four programs, there are over 100 minutes of video and audio resources and over 400 different activities for comprehension, language manipulation, vocabulary extension and production of language.


Languages At Your Fingertips is fully supportive, with detailed grammar notes presented in context as well as a toolbox of essential grammar and an extensive glossary always available. Culture notes and BBC audio and video samples promote intercultural understanding and help your learners engage with the language in a meaningful way.


Contact BBCActive.languages.admin@pearson.com for more details of how Languages At Your Fingertips can bring your language lessons to life!

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Students appreciated the interactivity, instant feedback and wealth of listening and pronunciation practice. With 24/7 availability and so much literally 'at their fingertips', LAYF provided a positive learning experience. Angela Miller, Eurolang Co-ordinator, Cranfield University
The material is clear and visually attractive with up to date cultural notes in English and in the target language. Authentic video and audio text, with optional subtitles in both languages, illustrate the topics and link in with very clear grammar and vocabulary reference notes on essential points. This very comprehensive resource will fit any system. It is both sophisticated and completely original and it will develop autonomy to help students become lifelong learners. Diana Jimenez and Catherine Mahey, ISMLA Newsletter
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