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Talk Arabic (Book/CD Pack)

Price £15.99 ISBN: 9781406680164
  • Master the basics with this bestselling approach
  • Practise the language with fun, interactive activities
  • Communicate with confidence right from the start
Product Details
Contents: 1 Book, 152 Pages; 2 Audio CDs, 120 Minutes
ISBN: 9781406680164 Published: February 2015 Author: Jonathan Featherstone

Talk Arabic has already inspired thousands of people to learn Arabic from scratch and find the confidence to give it a go.

Whether you're learning for business, travel or just for fun, its straightforward, step-by-step approach will ensure you're soon able to speak
Arabic in a range of everyday situations.

With its specially designed activities and clear, jargon-free grammar explanations you'll quickly develop your language skills and make genuine progress right from the start.

  • Make real progress using the successful, proven Talk method.
  • Develop your language skills with tips and strategies to help you learn.
  • Practise and learn with interactive activities to support every topic.

Talk Arabic focusses on the Arabic of the Levant, spoken in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Palestine and widely understood elsewhere.


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… the best Arabic speaking course available … the dialogues and speaking exercises are very well put together, both in terms of content and form - substantial, and realistic, yet clear and doable, while providing a sense of continual progress. Haroon Shirwani, Head of Arabic, Eton College
Talk Arabic is a must have for beginners looking to learn how to speak Arabic quickly! The book and accompanying CD is very easy to follow and users can immediately begin using and practising the language right from chapter one. The activities progress throughout the book allowing readers to build upon previously learnt vocabulary without too much memorizing efforts, with the language and grammar being taught through ‘key language’ – language that is most used and relevant for beginners. The book also touches upon many useful cultural aspects of the Arab world and their importance in conversation. The CD is very clear and incorporates both male and female voices allowing listeners to adapt to a range of voices and grammatical differences. Talk Arabic is useful for those wishing to learn spoken Arabic quickly and independently, whilst also being a useful resource for Arabic teachers when providing exercises for beginner students. Readers who complete the book will have a very good spoken foundation to build their language on as well as an understanding of the script and culture. I would also highly recommend this book for anyone wishing to travel to the Arab world and converse in everyday situations whether that’s meeting local people, using a hotel, transport or at restaurants! Faraan Sayed, Partnerships and Programmes Manager, British Council
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